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SYRIA 2010 -A trip designed by women for women

Experience Arab culture in the company of Syrian hosts
Last offer 2010

Why just for women?

The situation of women in Arab countries is a popular topic of discussion in Europe and there is a great tendency to talk in generalisations. But, of course, in reality each country has different traditions, each woman her own story. We believe it is important that each one of us forms their own opinion. We have decided to start with this particular project to bring women together, but in the future we will also offer programmes to a broad range of people interested in our project.

Syria as a tourist destination?

2011 Syria is a none-destination - the initiative TwoCultures in Syria is not working any more.
Nevertheless it is a very interesting country in cultural terms and is often referred to as the cradle of European civilisation. It also has a rich variety of natural landscapes, including desert steppes, oases, rugged mountain ranges and a Mediterranean coastline that offers endless possibilities for exploration.

The legendary hospitability of the Syrians is particularly appealing for tourists, not to mention the superb Arabic food and lively atmosphere in the streets and bazaars of the old towns - especially in Damascus and Aleppo. Syria is a country that has retained its traditional Arabic/oriental character while remaining open to contemporary influences.

The more TwoCultures is sorry, that it is impossible to carry on the initiative in a now hostile environment.

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Tours - Programme

SYRIA - the tour

will consist of a minimum of 10 and maximum of 12 tourists.

8- and 15-Days Tour

This tour is full of variety – and surprises. It will open up news ways for you to get closer to the country and the people. The exact nature of what you will experience during this trip depends on your interests and on how curious and open to new things you are. And ... you should be willing to share something of your culture. Because the Syrians are also curious about who you are.
In Damascus, in Palmyra, in a monastery, in a village on the Euphrates – at each stop on the tour you will find local women waiting to accompany you and make sure your experience of the country is something quite special. They come from different sectors of society; they may be in paid employment or full-time mothers, professionals or farmers.
Each tour will therefore be different, depending on the interests of the women who come together in this unusual forum.

15 Days Tour

Day 1 – Day 5

Damascus the Rose of Syria
• You will stay at Dar al Noor, a small boutique hotel that has been beautifully restored and furnished with great attention to detail. This oriental building in the old part of the city is not far from Bab Sharqui, one of the city’s main gates.
• The hotel has a lovely secluded courtyard where you can meet your hosts, chat to your heart’s content, forge new plans or just relax and sip tea far away from the hustle and bustle of the bazaar.
• On the first day, we offer an outing for the whole group: a tour of the city led by a professional guide. This will give you an overview of the city, so that in the days that follow you can feel happy in exploring on your own.
• A highly competent tour representative will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Depending on people’s interests, she will organise visits or meetings at short notice.
• Each afternoon there will be meetings with our Syrian hosts. One host will accompany a maximum of three tourists. They might take you to visit their place of work, meet with friends in a café, visit a hamam, take a trip to the top of Mount Qassioun for a panoramic view of the city, visit the workshops of the tireless glassblowers, or shop and cook a meal together – anything is possible.

Day 6 – Day 15

Monastery – where the mountains touch the sky
The tour begins with an overnight stay in a monastery in a remote spot on the edge of the desert. The community there is dedicated to engaging in dialogue with different religions. Father Paolo will talk with us and if you are interested you can attend an extraordinary act of worship in a medieval chapel. We will then join the monks for their evening meal. Help with the daily chores is welcome!

Palmyra – a glimpse of the Ancient world in the desert
Then its off to Palmyra, a vast oasis city at the heart of the country with its impressive ancient ruins that bear witness to Syria’s rich Roman history. There we retrace the footsteps of the rebel Queen Zenobia, who led an uprising against the Romans. There will be guided tour of the ancient site. You will have an opportunity to get to know how Bedouins live and learn about their weaving skills. You can spend the night in a nomad’s tent or in the comfort of the Hotel Zenobia.

Hama, the desert and the Euphrates
A visit to the old city of Hama with its huge ancient waterwheels that were used to irrigate the land – spending the night in a desert village with domed houses. There, and on the Euphrates, you will stay in the homes of the villagers and share their daily lives.

Tour of the city, meeting local women, a visit to St. Simeon’s monastery. Mornings are free for individual activities.
Departure from Aleppo to Berlin.

8-Days Tour

Please ask for programme.

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Tours - 2011



9. - 16. / 23.


5. - 12./ 19

2011 - Individual Dates

If you are interested in travelling with your colleagues or friends and you want to start the tour in another month or day - this is possible as well. You need to find the minimum of 8 travelers. Then we offer a programme for 8 or 15 days without any additional costs.

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Tours - travelcost

15-Day Tour
8-Day Tour

Group max. 12

Please order the programme for the shorter tour.

Please confirm the price
++49 + 30 883 96 23

The price includes the following:
# Outward flight from Berlin to Damascus
# Return flight from Aleppo to Berlin

# 5 nights at the Hotel Dar al Noor at the heart of the Old City in Damascus
# 1 night at a monastery near Damascus
# 2 nights in a Bedouin tent or at a hotel in Palmyra
# 3 nights in private houses in a village
# 3 nights in a hotel in Aleppo

# 14 x breakfast and evening meal or buffet

# Transfer to and from the airports in Syria
# Minibus tour and all stops from Damascus to Aleppo
# English-speaking hosts
# English- or German-speaking tour representative throughout the trip
# Guided tour of Damascus and Aleppo
# Special guide in Palmyra
# Entrance fees
# Tips for local services

# Information evening for guests and hosts in Berlin and Damascus
# Setting up a network for hosts, tourists and friends
# Development of a permanent web-based cultural exchange

There may be minor changes to the programme during the tour.

The return flight to Syria for one person generates about 1560 kg of climate-relevant emissions. By making a voluntary contribution of 37 euros to a climate protection in Africa or India, for example, you can help to offset the damage to the climate caused by these emissions. For further information, please visit