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Patricia V.
born 1965 in Berlin, living in Berlin, I`m an architect and working on restauration of elder builings. I love cooking, travelling, taking pictures, dancing, best, if it`s all combined...  

Walks & Talks / 25.09. - 03.10.2009

Syria at its best

Damascus or Aleppo, which touched more - I don`t know, Damascus is within it`s old town more oriental, or at least what we expect to be oriental, the town of clay and wood, Aleppo is the town of stone, more european at first site, but also with lots of narrow little souq-streets, at least as arabic as Damascus.
All these old arabic houses with wonderful hidden courtyards, everyone unique in its beauty - a real must! (not so much the touristic menues been offered in some of them)
Drinking mulberryjuice and eating shwarma on the street, tea and turkish coffee everythere is a great oportunity to watch people. Women smoking nagilah nearly everythere for example, gathering around in nice cafes and talk to each other - of course without men... A little sign of lived freedom maybe?
Everyone is ready to tell, how tolerant people are, but is it really so?? Anyhow, the ones we met, the women we met were wonderful, full of energie, power and hope for a better future.