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Angelika L.
I developed the idea of TwoCultures, I live in Berlin and like to dance, especially Salsa.
If I have time I sit in my sofa and listen to jazz, favourably jazzy music mixed with oriental or South American parts. As sport I like sailing and cycling - especially to the outskirts of Berlin - there are lots of cycle paths and lakes which provide natural surroundings for nice and relaxing tours.  

Juli 2009

Time Travel in Syria - 2008/2009

When I first "discovered" the streets of Damascus, I felt at once at home. Don`t ask me why, the life in this old city has absolutely nothing to do with what I normally experience in Berlin.

But still - the old streets, churches, mosques seem to tell me something. The history left lots of different symbols/energy there and they tell stories about Christianity - which influenced my upbringing - as well as about Islam, which influenced the culture of my Syrian friends. We have somehow the same roots. This is nothing new, but there I could sense it and it is not only an intellectual statement.

Until now I had lots of opportunities to talk to people who speak English, with people who have a good salary or/and education. In case - I want to learn Arabic, that I can in future learn more about the women who are hard working farmers -you see them on the fields, when you travel through the country.
So far I learnt the Arabic letters and enjoyed it. But the sound of the language is just not made for my throat :-)
Although I felt that the syrian people I met have a lot in common with me - at least as far as personal things are concerned - one thing is different in all levels of Syrian society for sure: their attitude towards time.

If I want to plan something, say at least 3 months in advance, I seldom get a reaction at once. I read that the future for most arabic people is unpredictably, time is floating and is no constant. What we decide today might be irrelevant in 3 months time. Might be right - but it is a hard learning process for me - socialized as a member of german society ;-)- trust and wait!